Chairman’s Letter October 2021

The Chairman’s Last Post

Hello everybody……….Well the time has almost come for me to slope off into the sunset having performed the role of Chairman for 8 out of the last 10 years.  It would be remiss of me not say that is has been an extraordinary privilege to serve the club and with your help and that of the committee in supporting me in steering ‘the ship’ through some choppy waters.  It would be good to claim that the club is now in a better shape than at the outset of our journey, but I guess that is for you to decide.  

One thing I would mention is that we have finally reached an agreement with the Council over a new ten year lease for the club and for the first time this will include the boatshed, albeit they will retain the right to review the tenure of the boatshed at any time after the five year point.  This is highly unlikely, but comes about because the boatshed is actually part of the leisure centre complex and could be subject of redeveloped in the future. 

The actual hand over of the current committee will take place at the club’s Annual General Meeting, commencing promptly at 9.0pm on Thursday, 18th. November 2021.  It would be great to see a full club house and remember this is your turn to bring the current committee to task as well as hear the outline plans for the forthcoming year from the new committee.   This is your opportunity to make your feelings known and make a difference.

With the diving season coming to an end this is an ideal opportunity to finish off your training and develop new skills at the quarries, the instructors are there virtually every week, so it is only up to you to attend.  In addition, I will be running a Chartwork and Position Fixing SDC over the weekend of the 22/23rd. January at the clubhouse.

Turning to the social side of things, the club’s annual dinner dance was a rip roaring event and attended by just over 100 members and their wives.  Would you believe we raised £1,507 for the club after expenses, which is by far the largest sum we have ever achieved.  Our thanks go out to Dave Edwards for organising the show as well as his band of helpers, which included Graeme Cooper for providing the place cards and Belinda with the ladies for sorting out the raffle.

I am also reliably informed that Belinda and Katie Condron intend running a social event at the clubhouse during the run up to Christmas, so watch this space for details.

Finally, The Major’s Late, Late Christmas Bash has been organised at the Irby Mill for Saturday, 18th. December.  In effect, we take over the entire restaurant area, but numbers are limited to 50 places, so first come first served.  The list will be on the notice board this coming Thursday and I would suggest that you book your place ‘pdq’ to avoid disappointment.

That’s it folks, once again my appreciation goes out for all you help and support over the last decade. Take care and safe diving.

Alan Jones

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