Membership Fees

Full Annual Membership

In return members enjoy

  • weekly access to the adjoining pool (for training swimming or games)
  • Use of the clubhouse and bar
  • The option to tap into our training program (from learning to dive* to boat handling courses through to Advanced divers)
  • Use of club equipment (including dive gear for the pool and the boats for diving
  • Unlimited use of our self service cylinder filling station to fill members own cylinders (including Nitrox at an extra cost of oxygen only**)
  • Access to a regular calendar of diving and dive weekends
  • Have a great group of friends to dive with in the UK or around the World!

*A one-off joining fee is levied for non-divers joining the club and wishing to train from scratch or cross-over divers requiring further training during their first year of membership. All other training is included in annual membership fee. For details please use our contact form 

**Must have undergone induction and must posses appropriate diving qualification for access to Nitrox

New members – Ocean Diver trainees

The one off joining fee paid in addition to membership fees includes your Ocean Diver training and training pack. Benefit from learning to dive with one of the best BSAC clubs in the north west, plus, make the most of all the benefits and club facilities of our full Membership package (see above).

Cross-over divers (for divers from other agencies)

We welcome divers who have trained with other training agencies (PADI, SSI, NAUI etc). It is simple and easy to slot into the BSAC system. The one off joining fee in addition to the membership fee covers any additional training & materials to bring you up to your current cross-over grade and includes your initial BSAC crossover pack.

Affiliate Membership

For divers who are already a member of BSAC Direc,t or of another BSAC Branch, and want to keep those ties – no problem! We’re comfortable with divers having as many associates as they like.

Social Member

Popular with divers’ spouses and members’ friends, the Social Member can join in all the branch’s social activities and use the Clubhouse and bar on club nights!

Pool Social Member

Pool Social Members have all the benefits of a Social Member plus weekly access to our pool sessions for swimming.

Snorkel Membership

If you don’t dive anymore or you simply don’t fancy it but would like to snorkel and participate in all the other good stuff going on, why not join as a Snorkel Member! That means everything the branch does is open to you and that includes training Yes, you can still learn to drive the branch boats, take divers out in Liverpool Bay, using GPS and VHF radios, learn to manage rescues from the surface and much more. Snorkel Members can go on club holidays abroad where snorkeling is a great activity or around the bays of Anglesey on one of our camping weekends.