Chairman’s Letter February 2021

Hello everybody……………Following last night’s committee meeting I thought I would give you a quick update over the reopening of the club.  Following the announcement of Boris last Monday we think the order of events will be as follows, though do bear in mind that these dates may be subject to change:

Monday, 29th. March…………….Groups of 6 will be allowed to meet outdoors which means that the boats could be taken out into Liverpool Bay, bearing in mind that currently the Welsh and Scots governments currently ban tourist travel.  To that end arrangements have already been made to have the boats and engines serviced ready for the new season.  It is also worth mentioning that Capernwray and Eccleston Delph are both likely to open in time for the Easter break, which does offer the prospect of some limited training tasking place.

Thursday, 15th. April…………….From this date the pool may reopen and therefore training could resume.  However, we are in the hands of the local authority from who we are seeking clarification.  As soon as the pool reopens then the clubhouse will follow suit, though the bar will remain shut for the time being.

Thursday, 20th. May……………..The clubhouse bar will reopen.

Covid 19 and Diving Medicals …….It also emerged last night from Doctor Chris Wood our Training Officer that anybody who has been infected by Covid 19 will need to be cleared for diving by a medical practitioner. He says this should be possible over the telephone in most cases without a physical examination.  Now, I am uncertain whether this has to involve the Diving Medical Referee, Doctor Tim Fitzsimons, so I guess the best bet is to speak to Chris Wood in the first instance.

On Thursday, 4th. March we are planning to have a quiz and virtual club night as a precursor to reopening the club later in the month (commencing at 8.0pm).  It is hoped that as many as possible of the committee will also attend to answer your queries, but above all it would be good to see you all again after being ‘hunkered down’ for so long.  It is fair to say that we can now definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel and with that comes the prospect of resuming diving and something resembling normality.  As soon as we are able Dave Edwards will be setting a date for the annual dinner dance (and the AGM) while I will put in train another ‘Late, Late Easter Bash’ at the Irby Mill.

Stay safe and keep well folks, we are nearly there now and the summer beckons.

Best regards…………AJ.

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